Picture of the Day: Suez Canal Works in Full Swing

With over 40 dredgers working on the project, the New Suez Canal is entering its final phase of production.
According to the Suez Canal Authority, all dredging works on the New Canal need to be completed by the end of June, after which the experimental operation will start.
The vessels working on the project have so far removed around 200 million cubic meters of sand out of the targeted 250 million.
One more trailing suction hopper dredger, the “Oranje” is expected to arrive at the Suez on 12th June. Owned by the Dutch dredging contractor Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. and with a capacity of 16,000 cubic meters, the “Oranje” will significantly speed up the works.
The New Suez Canal will be inaugurated in early August in the presence of a number of world leaders and heads of state.